This section shows the activities related to dissemination along the project duration. Visit this section periodically to get new updates.

Project Dissemination Material

- D. Maissa, S. Sidi-Mohamed, K. Djamel , A Poster for a "Smart Hotel" Use Case, Sommet International de l'Inovation en Ville médianes (SIIVim 2020) , 9 October 2020 in Nevers, France. [Show pdf]

event SIIVim1 event SIIVim2


- Ayoub MESSOUS, Sabrine AROUA, Laurent Goncalves, Jean Paul TRUONG, Remy Abdelwahab "Towards a Personal Data Protection Framework in an IoT environment: Smart Hotel use case" , Published in Internet of Things, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks Technical Committee Newsletter, in 2020.

Publications in International Journals

- M. Dammak, S-M. Senouci, A. Messous, M-H Elhdhili, C. Gransart, "Decentralized Lightweight Group Key Management for Dynamic Access Control in IoT Environments", Aceepted in IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, June 2020.

- Arfaoui, A. Kribeche, O. Merad Boudia, SM. Senouci, M. Hamdi "Context-Aware Access Control and Anonymous Authentication in Wireless Body Area Networks", Computers & Security (Elsevier), 2019.

- Arfaoui, A. Kribeche, SM. Senouci "Lightweight and Adaptive Anonymous Authentication Protocols in the Internet of Things Dedicated to e-Health Applications", Computer Networks (Elsevier), 2019.

- Ben Messaoud, N. Sghaier, M. A. Moussa and Y. Ghamri-Doudane, "Privacy Preserving Utility-aware Mechanism for Data Uploading phase in Participatory Sensing" , Preprint IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (Accepted in August 2018).

Publications in International Conferences and Workshops

- Arfaoui, A. Kribeche, SM. Senouci, M. Hamdi, “Game-Based Adaptive Remote Access VPN for IoT: Application to e-Health”, IEE Globecom’2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9-13 December 2018.

- Arfaoui, A. Kribeche, O. Merad Boudia, A. Ben Letaifa, SM. Senouci, M. Hamdi, “Adaptive Anonymous Authentication for Wearable Sensors in Wireless Body Area Networks”, IEEE IWCMC’2018, Limassol, Cyprus, 25-28 2018.

- Arfaoui, A. Kribeche, SM. Senouci M. Hamdi, “Game-Based Adaptive Risk Management in Wireless Body Area Networks”, IEEE IWCMC’2018, Limassol, Cyprus, 25-28 2018.

- Arfaoui, A. Kribeche, O. Merad Boudia, A. Ben Letaifa, SM. Senouci M. Hamdi, “Context-Aware Authorization and Anonymous Authentication in Wireless Body Area Networks", IEEE ICC’2018, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 20-24 May, 2018.

- Arfaoui, A. Ben Letaifa, A. Kribeche SM. Senouci M. Hamdi, "A Stochastic Game for Adaptive Security in Constrained Wireless Body Area Networks”, IEEE CCNC2018, Las Vegas, USA, 12-15 January, 2018.

- M. Dammak, O. Boudia, A. Messous, S-M. Senouci, C. Gransart, "Token-Based Lightweight Authentication to Secure IoT Networks" , Accepted in the 16th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC 2019), 11-14 January 2019, Las Vegas, USA. event CCNC1 event CCNC2

- V.H. Hoang, E. Lehtihet, Y. Ghamri-Doudane, "Forward-Secure Data Outsourcing Based on Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption", The International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference, IWCMC 2019, Tangier, Morocco, Jun. 2019.

- V.H. Hoang, E. Lehtihet, Y. Ghamri-Doudane, "Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Based on Signcryption for the Internet of Things" 2019 Wireless Days Conference, WD’19, IEEE Xplore, (Manchester, UK), April 2019.

- Soviany, S., Scheianu, A., Suciu, G., Vulpe, A., Fratu, O., & Istrate, C. (2018, October). "Android Malware Detection and Crypto-Mining Recognition Methodology with Machine Learning", In 2018 IEEE 16th International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC) (pp. 14-21). IEEE. [Show pdf]

- Suciu, G., Nădrag, C., Istrate, C., Vulpe, A., Ditu, M. C., & Subea, O. (2018, November). "Comparative Analysis of Distributed Ledger Technologies", In 2018 Global Wireless Summit (GWS) (pp. 370-373). IEEE. [Show pdf]

- Suciu, G., Anwar, M., & Istrate, C. (2019). Mobile Application and Wi-Fi Network Security for e-Learning Platforms. In The International Scientific Conference eLearning and Software for Education (Vol. 1, pp. 393-399). " Carol I" National Defence University. [Show pdf] event else

- Suciu, G., Istrate, C., Petre, I., & Scheianu, A. (2019, April). Lego Methodology Approach for Common Criteria Certification of IoT Telemetry. In World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (pp. 165-174). Springer, Cham. [Show pdf] event else


- ROMANIA – ISRAEL CYBER SECURITY FORUM: (5 June 2019) BEIA participates in ROMANIA – ISRAEL CYBER SECURITY FORUM on 5 June 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. Cybersecurity industry top 500: USA > Israel > UK > Canada > France > Sweden > Germany > China event 1

- Bucharest CyberDrill: (27-31 May 2019) BEIA Consult participates in Bucharest CyberDrill on 27-31 May 2019 in Romania. The CyberDrill event is hosted by University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), the largest and the oldest technical university in Romania, with its traditions connected to the founding of the first Romanian higher technical school, back in 1818. The main goal of the Bucharest CyberDrill event is to develop and strengthen the cyber security response capability as well as the communication / interaction capacity of the participating teams. event 2

- Security Espresso: (22 May 2019) BEIA Consult participated in Security Espresso on 22 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. event 3p1 event 3p2

- ZF Cybersecurity Trends 2019: (21 May 2019) BEIA participates in ZF Cybersecurity Trends 2019 on 21 May in Bucharest, Romania(JW Marriott Hotel). This event is about how an IT infrastructure breaks down and how an attack can be intercepted, the future of cyber attacks – the new generation of cybersecurity entrepreneurs expose their vision, the impact of GDPR – Good Practice Guide. event 4p1 event 4p2

- Cybersecurity Forum 2019: (12 March 2019) BEIA Consult participated in the Cybersecurity Forum 2019. The event was on 12.03.2019 at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. The event brought together ambassadors, business people, top management companies in areas such as cyber security, IT, energy, banks, capital markets, telecom, gambling, industry, military, journalists and other. event 5p1

- Cybersecurity Romania – Bucharest Talks: (4 June 2019) BEIA Consult participates in Cybersecurity Romania, Bucharest Talks on 4 June 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. “BUCHAREST TALKS” is the “newborn” of a series of international events with the main characteristic of being strictly nonprofit, apolitical, neutral, non-marketing and non-technical, allowing for an international dialogue of the highest quality. event 3p1 event 3p2

- OWASP Bucharest AppSec Conference: (24 - 26 October 2018). event 7p1

- The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security CERTCON8: (15-17 October 2018). event 8p1 event 8p2

Project Leaflet

The ITEA project PARFAIT aims to develop a platform for protecting personal data in IoT applications, opening the way to connected ecosystems. It will also define indistinct aspects of the IoT domain, such as interoperability and privacy, by creating rules, guidelines and methodologies. [Show pdf]